Medically Informed Minder (MIM) App

Description: MIM is an interactive online/mobile learning application that provides the most comprehensive support for caregivers, or “minders”, in caring for the aged. MIM, a Singapore government learning program, comprises of 20 learning modules that helps minders obtain basic understanding of the common physical, mental and social changes and difficulties experienced by the elderly. It uses animation and graphics, prompts observation and knowledge recall, and helps domestic helpers that have to care for the elderly develop “clinical common sense” and pick up basic medical knowledge. Topics covered include dealing with common chronic diseases, learning to identify, record and report warning signs of common health problems, conduct head-to-foot systematic methodology of scanning, basic nutrition and skin care, activities of daily living as well as managing stress in the job.

Who it is for: Caregivers, allied health professionals and domestic worker employers.

Why you should use it: MIM is the first and only digital course approved by Singapore’s Centre for Enabled Living (CEL), which allows minders to upgrade their knowledge and skill sets in caring for the elderly form the comfort of their own home.

MIMContent partner:
Ms Wee King Tan
Former president of Singapore Nurses Association;
Former director of Curriculum at Institute of Technical Education, Singapore.

Language available: English, Tagalog and Indonesian

Operating system: iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Website: http://www.borderlessminders.comMedically Informed Minder

Baby Smart App

Description: BabySmart app is an interactive online/mobile learbing application for moms-to-be. Experience a revolution in women’s health through this first mobile health 3.0 app designed especially for you. With total of 12 modules, this mobile app will guide you every step of the way—before, during, and after your pregnancy. A Medical Butler, operating our e-clinic concierge, is also available to address your concerns. You will also have access to connect with the best nutritionists, physiologists, and doctors in the comfort of your own home; attend virtual yoga and aerobic workouts conducted by health and wellness experts, as well as join webinars by the gynaecological experts.

Who it is for: Adult women who are planning to have a baby and expecting mothers.

Why you should use it: BabySmart is the only mobile app that covers your entire pregnancy—from conception to birth, and even after. Rest assured knowing that you and your baby’s health are in the hands of health experts. With BabySmart, you will be able to prepare for, cope with, and recover from the challenges of pregnancy and make the most of each moment with the interactive learning experience.

BabySmartContent partner:
Dr Kenneth Leong

Medical Director of BHG, a practising phisician in advanced Laparoscopic Gynecology and the forefront of the development of Robotic Gynecology surgery in Australia.

Language available: English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Operating system: iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Website: http://www.obgyn-on-demand.comBaby Smart

DOD Kids App

Description: DOD Kids is an interactive online/mobile learning application that offers dental and oral care for children. Taking care of your kids’ teeth and oral health at home will not be a challenge anymore. Renowned dentists have come together to design DOD Kids app to assist you in giving knowledge in how to deal with the challenges in caring for your young ones dental hygiene. The modules are presented in an exciting way with different cartoon characters in easy storylines to encourage your kids in understanding the importance of oral care.

Who it is for: Parents and kids.

Why you should use it: Teaching kids to brush their teeth and take care of their oral hygiene will be easier with the assistance of the modules offered in DOD Kids app. Taking care of dental care will never be this fun, you and your kids don’t have to worry about being nervous going to the dentist office anymore.

DOD KidsContent partner:
Dr Bernard Siew
Renowned dentist with 12 years of experience in the field of cosmetic, rehabilitative and minimally invasive dentistry.

Language available: English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Operating system: iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Website: Kids

Smart Ageing App

Description: Smart Ageing app is an interactive online/mobile learning application to help elderly, their caregivers and family members in going through the aging process in a smart way by focusing on a preventative approach. With ageing comes a set of challenges that can seem overwhelming for some. With Smart Ageing app, you will be able to utilize a mobile platform to enable access to knowledge and information ensures that the elderly and caregivers are sufficiently equipped and are confident to face challenges in elderly care. The app offers 12 modules that covers topics like “Successful Aging”, “Nutrition—Myths and Facts”, “Mental Wellness as You Age” and “Keeping Bones Strong”.

Who it is for: Elderly people, family members and caregivers.

Why you should use it: This app can help you face these challenges through a holistic approach that addresses the elderly’s problems in nutrition, mental wellness, and the overall aging process. It is your “smart ageing” companion that will assist you in virtually monitoring your health, learning about a variety of health conditions, and making sound lifestyle choices.

SmartAgeingContent partner:
Dr Chan Kin Ming
Senior geriatrician; Chairman at Ang Mo Kio, Thye Hwa Kwan Hospital.

Language available: English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Operating system: iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Website: http://www.borderlessminders.comSmart Ageing

SEXXIE Online Campus App

Description: SEXXIE Online Campus app is an interactive online/mobile learning application on sexual health. With a module titled, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), it will give users education and knowledge on different types of STIs, how to prevent and practice safe sex. Other than that, the module also has useful facts, tidbits, and FAQs on STIs brought to you by top sexual health professionals. Users will also be able to upload a photo of that rash or bump and get a professional opinion immediately; no need to wait in line in a clinic.

Who it is for: Teenagers and young adults.

Why you should use it: SEXXIE Online Campus gives an interactive mobile learning experience like no other, providing much-needed information on sexual health in just a click away. This mobile app is complemented by an online tutor who can guide you in real-time and help you find reliable sources of information. You can even chat with a sexual health professional instantly while enjoying much needed privacy.

SEXXIEContent partner:
Dr Wei Siang Yu
renowned medical doctor a.k.a Dr Love in Singapore

Language available: English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Operating system: iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Website: http://www.sexxie.tvSEXXIE Online Campus

Borderless Nursing App

Description: Borderless Nursing is an online/mobile learning platform designed to give nurses a deeper understanding of healthcare TMT (Technology, Media, and Telecommunications). The 8 modules available, will give nurses that technological edge and be globally competitive to become a borderless nurse. Module topics include background and trends of IT in the healthcare industry, new sub business space in healthcare, importance of new media evolution in communication and content production and CRM and effective communication.

Who it is for: Registered nurses looking to upgrade their current knowledge and skill sets.

Why you should use it: You will be able to grab the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills and be connected to medical professionals and institutions via online concierge. Be the first to know about healthcare TMT and increase your employability.

Language available: English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Operating system: Android.

Website: Borderless Nursing

ER Code

Description: ER Code is a website that provides technology to enable you to collect, track, and share past and current information and records about your health or the health of someone in your care through your smartphone or mobile device anytime, anywhere. By signing up and subscribing to an ER COde package, you will be able to access your medical information in just a click away. It will also save you the money and inconvenience of repeating routine medical tests and will give medical providers more insight into your personal health history.

ER Code
Who it is for: Healthcare consumers and doctors who want instant and on-demand access to medical information and records. Why you should use it: ER Code empowers you to take control of your healthcare and well-being. You are responsible for your health, and your ER Code will provide the necessary tools and resources to assist you as we begin to move from a provider to a consumer-driven healthcare system.

Language available: English.

Website: Code

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